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Basic Inventory Procedure: Industrial Canteen Kitchen & Equipment

Every industry has workers varies on industry's size and work. They provide so many facilities to their workers for serving to organization. Quality food is one of them. Therefore every industry has big or small mess canteens. The food provided in canteen is made in bulk system using big cooking industrial canteen equipment. These equipment reduces work load of kitchen workers and gives faster and quality food cooked in less time.

Today i am going to explain 3 amazing industrial canteen equipment hacks which help your kitchen work smoother and faster.

  • Kitchen Area:

    Use your whole kitchen area and manage it in the way, you can get enough space to walk around and set up essential equipment at right place. We can say this type of kitchen as mobile food kitchen. The essential space for prep work, storage section according to kitchen space, cooking area must be bigger than other sections than serving section where you can put ready food (example: in box container stainless steel table called Bain Marie).If you have big canteen then you definitely need Bain Marie in service area to keep food hot or cool and it helps you in serving easily. Cantilever is one of the best option for the kitchens which take small kitchen space. Dish washing area should have proper functional dish washing machines and dish-washing tables. Hence, you need perfect kitchen layout with equipment detail. If you want help for kitchen designing/ planning with whole kitchen setup, click here.


  • Ingredients & Grocery Management:

    Make inventory of necessary items to control food cost. It will help you to determine value of goods in storage. Keep dry goods in dry storage section and wet goods in wet storage section of kitchen. Indian Ingredients are kept in dry place for long term usage. Different types of racks you can use for keeping goods section wise.


  • Cleanliness:

    For running any restaurant, hotel or commercial/corporate kitchen, hygiene is key. Sometime it is difficult to maintain cleanliness of big kitchen and for that you need more people to do it but now are a time where some equipment makes it easy for you. Every big or small commercial kitchen should have kitchen drain box fixed on floor. Kitchen’s wall should be clean using good quality detergent or liquid. Big kitchen hood fixed in kitchen also helps in maintaining cleanliness of kitchen.


Fourth additional point is having good kitchen steel equipment made from fine stainless steel for long term and smooth usage. Find here kitchen equipment for every area of Industrial canteen kitchen. Click here.

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