With a core experience of over a decade in manufacturing commercial kitchen equipment, SHARDA STEEL EQUIPMENT emerges as one of the foremost manufactures of stainless steel kitchen equipment in Vadodara.

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Our Approach

Our Approach

We blend our expertise with modern techniques to provide you with state-of-the-art kitchen equipment. Our vision to become a market leader in manufacturing commercial kitchen equipment has provided us the flexibility towards technical advancements. we continuously endeavor to improve our manufacturing process, equipment and quality to offer precision engineered equipment. This driving force has powered us to successfully cater to various hotels, restaurants, banquets, industrial canteens, hospitals, institutes, and bakeries within and across India.

We possess proficiency for a comprehensive range of standardized as well as custom made commercial kitchen equipment tailored to meet explicit requirements, even for implementing cantilever kitchens. This professionalism has to lead us to execute huge turnkey projects to conceptualize, plan, set up, install, and provide after-sales service support to the commercial kitchen equipment in numerous business segments.

Our Story

Equipped with a dedicated team of professionals who are focused on delivering excellent solutions to commercial kitchens, Sharda Steel Equipment has more than a decade’s experience in manufacturing and supplying commercial kitchen equipment and devices all across the country.

Our one-stop solution caters to a varied range of kitchen equipment including, cooking equipment, foodservice equipment, dishwashing items, refrigeration devices, and bakery and confectionery equipment. We ensure that there is a fine balance between the expertise of the team members and modern technology to procure high-quality equipment for our clients. The customized commercial kitchen equipment is one of its kind, lending a smart and unique touch to itself. We also make sure that the equipment is highly attractive with their exemplary designs, sturdy-make, economically operated and maximized performance so that they can be used in various commercial sectors like restaurants, base kitchens, hotels, bakeries, canteens, banquets, industrial kitchens and institutional kitchen places all across India.

Each and every member of our company is striving towards improving the manufacturing process, quality of the equipment, and implementing modern technology seamlessly. Our dedication towards client satisfaction is associated with superior quality commercial kitchen equipment which ensures holistic service in this industry.

We are highly capable and professional while undertaking projects which require custom-made solutions with specific requirements. Incorporating necessary details during the manufacturing process enhances our role as a responsible and committed company. Quality work has always been a constant concern for us and hence we have taken up different projects in a constructive manner. With proper planning, setting up and installation of the commercial kitchen equipment, we also provide after-sale service to the clients to prevent them from any kind of hassle.

Sharda Steel Equipment is on a mission to administer premium quality commercial kitchen equipment to clients which are well-acquainted with modern technology and professional expertise.

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