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All About Food Preparation And Processing Equipment


Food preparation and processing equipment is the important stage between fresh food coming into the kitchen and being made ready for either cooking or direct service into the restaurant. The equipment ranges from potato peelers, gravity slicing machines, juicers and multi-function food processors to the traditional hand-held food preparation tools such as kitchen knives and the specialty food preparation tools all good chefs have in their work box.

There is a wide range of food preparation and processing equipment, but some are necessary items rather than “nice-to-have” items, depending on the style of food the kitchen wishes to offer.

While there is a temptation to buy in ready-prepared vegetables, the kitchen does not always get the best quality with ready-prepared vegetables. It’s a very price driven business, so there is pressure to use older, cheaper potatoes and big woody carrots because they are quicker to peel than small sweeter carrots.

For high volume users of potatoes it can be more cost-efficient to buy sacks of fresh potatoes and prepare them for boiling or frying than to buy in chilled or frozen prepared chips or ready-peeled potatoes in gas-flushed bags. Fresh potatoes will always give a better flavor and buying by the sack give the kitchen control over which variety of potato the customer is being offered.

Chefs think they get a more consistent product when they buy ready-turned carrots, but they don’t – there is so much urgency to churn out the volume and meet a competitive price that buying ready-prepared vegetables can mean the kitchen does not know what is being bought.

Ready-sliced meats are never going to be as fresh tasting as that freshly sliced, packet fruit and vegetable juice cannot match that of freshly squeezed. There is a very strong argument both on food quality and food cost for a kitchen preparing fruit and vegetables in-house.

Food Preparation And Processing Equipment 

These are at the heart of food preparation and processing equipment in the commercial kitchen.A commercial food processor increases your efficiency by decreasing your food and ingredient prep time through the power of advanced cutting technologies. Designed to dice, chop, grind, and puree.Those sold into restaurant kitchens are much more advanced in construction, versatility and robustness than the lightweight food processors sold for the domestic market, which cannot deliver chopped food acceptable on the restaurant plate.

Potato peelers – Food Preparation And Processing Equipment 

No matter what level you’re at when it comes to cooking, every kitchen needs a vegetable peeler as food preparation and processing equipment. From skinning carrots to potatoes, let me just tell you, everyone use it almost every day! The theory of potato peelers has hardly altered in 50 years. The sides of the chamber are gritted with a revolving gritted base plate, which actually does 90% or the peeling work. The only real advance has been in double-sided base plates, which feature a coarse grit for peeling old potatoes and a lighter grit for soft-skinned new potatoes.

Pulverizer – Food Preparation And Processing Equipment

pulverizer or grinder is very useful  mechanical device for the grinding of many different types of materials.Specially Stainless Steel Body Pulverizer is widely used for grinding of both dry/wet spices as food preparation and processing equipment. These machine is easy to operate and designed as per the industry standards.This kind of pulverizer is suitable for powdering turmeric, chilies, amchur and other types of spices.

Dough Kneader – Food Preparation And Processing Equipment

These machines can prepare soft dough with desired ingredients in a hygienic manner. It is designed for speedy and hygienic Way to knead the dough.Uniform mixing, heavy massaging, supplied with stainless steel bowl and stainless steel square solid rod arms. Speed variations by break system to bowl.

Vegetable Cutting Machine – Food Preparation And Processing Equipment

All these machines are widely demanded by various hotels, restaurants and food processing industry for cutting purposes. Vegetable preparation machines are designed with a keen focus on ergonomics and workflow in a commercial kitchen.It has Aluminum Magnesium alloy body, lid and handle with 5 different size blades/disks included. Application: used for cutting Gourd, Brinjal, Cabbage, Tomato, Radish, Chilli, Beet etc.

Worktables – Food Preparation And Processing Equipment

Business or residence, you will find this item to be the most used in the kitchen. Its important to Optimize your kitchen’s food preparation and processing and cooking space with the right combination of commercial work tables. It comes in many different sizes, forms, and materials. The most popular and efficient tops for commercial work tables are stainless steel and butcher block.Work tables are essential food preparation and processing equipment.

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