bulk cooking quality vs budget

Bulk Cooking Equipment : Choose Wisely Between Quality & Budget

Ever thought about well-known restaurant’s kitchen-business strategy and how they come up so far with their business ? Most successfully running restaurant’s or hotel’s business entrepreneur are more focused on their food quality and test. To fulfill that concern they more spent money over their commercial kitchen. A Professional Commercial Kitchen requires modern facility of bulk cooking with modern kitchen design. Having enough space in kitchen and all required bulk cooking equipment, Your commercial kitchen can earn you happy customers. 

Bulk cooking equipment’s cost depends on your choice of purchase. You can go with budget friendly strategy or quality friendly strategy. Choose wisely between quality and budget  considering your present and future business requirement.Also check commercial kitchen sanitary tips here.

bulk cooking quality vs budget

Budget Friendly Strategy :

Pros :

You can reduce your business start-up cost. Most Expensive Kitchen equipment ranges could be bought used one at your business start-up point.For bigger ones and gas ranges like ovens, stoves, refrigerators , bain marie you can go with used ones.You can easily find restaurant- Hotel auctions near your area.  If you are really lucky, you can still get the warranty with a piece that is not too old.

Cons :

To run successful food business, good stainless steel kitchen equipment is must have thing.You can find kitchen equipment in market made from different stainless steel grade like 202, 304 etc. Generally, SS 304 grade is preferable for commercial use in making of kitchen equipment. Equipment made from low stainless steel grade temporary fulfilled your kitchen’s requirement but in few months or years, it will require service or part changing expense.Some small restaurant works on strategy of having budget friendly (made from low quality SS ) or used kitchen equipment.Which definitely become costlier and low performance deliver experience in coming days.Some time safety system would be fail due to old electrical or machinery failures.

If you going with this Budget Friendly strategy then you have to buy kitchen equipment from well-known manufacturing brand. so you can have after service and warranty period of your kitchen equipment product depend on manufacturing company’s warranty policy. Now come on to successfully running restaurant’s strategy about their commercial kitchen.

Quality friendly Strategy:


You can call it successful strategy also because it works on long term basis.Quality kitchen equipment made from SS 304 grade, gives you tremendous performance along with surety of long term use. Definitely it cost you little more than low grade SS product but in return, it gives you satisfaction of your every penny.This product also you should buy from good manufacturing brand. so here also you got after service and warranty benefits. Good kitchen with right kitchen equipment can deliver fast food service and cost you less labor expense. So choose wisely between quality and budget considering these points in your mind. Your kitchen is a key of your food business’s success. Always Spend enough behind kitchen-setup to get customer’s good review because nothing good than mouth publicity!


It seems costly at your business startup point. Going with any choice of above mentioned, you have to make sure you are doing best for your business. At last , Its up to you where you want to spent more and where lesser. Of course, some heavy and costly ones can be bought used ones to maintain your budget.It would be good if your restaurant looks sparky and all new shiny with new purchased ones. Do your proper homework before purchasing either used or new bulk cooking equipment for kitchen. It will help you to decide where you going to spent more.
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