Chinese Restaurant Kitchen Equipment List Pdf

Are you in the process of opening a new food business as fast food, south Indian cuisine, Chinese cuisine, or cafe restaurant? yes, then kitchen planning is very important and the first step. kitchen is the heart of any food business. From kitchen designing to kitchen accessories pick up the product suited to your budget and product quality. We are going to talk here especially about Chinese cuisine restaurants and so on the Chinese restaurant kitchen equipment list. Download its pdf at the end of this article.

Chinese eatery kitchen format is presumably the most mainstream business kitchen venture. The wonderful straightforwardness of its structure is that a gifted culinary expert can make a huge range of dishes, without any than a cooking suite that comprises of a different wok station and a stove. It doesn’t need about a similar measure of room as state a French eatery kitchen, yet by deliberately including a couple of bits of current cafe hardware, for example, profound fryers, liners and convection broilers, we can give the exemplary Chinese cafe kitchen format the capacity to expand their culinary abilities. This will likewise speed up and execution of their menu.

what makes the difference between special cuisine serving restaurants is how they uniquely made that special recipe and how that recipe test the same every time you visit their. That’s what makes your restaurant business stand out in the competition. Your food serving speed is also a notable point. Therefore your restaurant needs special heavy-duty kitchen equipment to cook that special dishes quickly and as tasty as they always!

Here we going to discuss especially Chinese food serving restaurant’s kitchen equipment. So let’s start!

Cooking Area:

let’s begin with the cooking section. You need different cooking equipment to cook Chinese foods like noodles, rice, momos, Manchurian, soup, etc.

  • Commercial Burner Stove: you can choose one, two, or three burner gas stove as per your cooking requirement and cooking area space. They used for frying Manchurian, rice and other stuff in Kadai, making gravy, souse or chatni, etc. . Buy Chinese Cooking Stove Range Here.
  • Deep fat fryer: you can use deep fryer also for deep frying Manchurian, momos, etc. They come in small, medium, and big sizes. Portable small tabletop deep fryers easily can move in the kitchen. In a busy and big kitchen, you can go for a big deep fat fryer.
  • Hot Plates: These are Plates structure wif below the stove. The upper plate either has a flat or ribbed surface. It comes wif duo surface on top half ribbed and half smooth to multi cook easily.
  • Steamer: You can bulk steam momos at one time in the commercial steamer.

Cooling Area Equipment:

commercial refrigerators, deep freezer are essential parts of the kitchen. Restaurants mostly have a two-door vertical refrigerator and one commercial deep freezer. Useful for storing pre-prepared cooking stuff, cooked stuff, sauces, etc.

Kitchen Service Equipment:

The Service area of the kitchen should have a pickup counter to easily manage the order. Pickup counter wif glass on top is good for food safety. service rail of the front side let delivery and picking up the food process easy. You must find it in the industrial canteen, restaurants and hotel’s food serving area.square or round Vessels in pickup counter contains different food items. nowadays every pizza restaurant also having this pickup counter in the starter area. It’s suitable for fast-food stall also.

Work Tables:

They are essential to do preparation processes like cutting, chopping, etc. Worktable with sink in the cutting-chopping area makes it easy to wash hands, veggies, etc. It could have backsplash design to avoid food stuff’s splash/washing splash on the wall.

Dish Wash Area:

For manual Cleaning three sink dish wash unit table is best. Three-time you can wash utensils with water in that. One other type of dishwashing table has a scraping hole. Through that food’s garbage can be collected below easily. After washing they going to put on a clean dish table to drain water within.

All these equipment described above may vary in the different markets of different countries. Also, some equipment could be added as per the restaurant’s requirements and budget. Getting exhausted already? No worry… Our PDF of Chinese restaurant kitchen equipment list will help you with the equipment’s technical name.

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