Commercial Kitchen Sanitary Tips

Cleanliness and awareness about sanitary is primary thing for food industry.Bacteria can grow easily on unsanitary surfaces.As the whole world facing covid-19 out break, Sanitation for your bulk cooking commercial kitchen is necessary.Moreover, you can't risk your staff & customer's health at any cost. Clean work place gives more positive energy to people working around.Customer's trust build up by methodically followed food hygiene. Therefor, your organization module needs to include some sanitary equipment and sanitation methods.

14 Safety Points Should Be Considering For Commercial Kitchen's Daily Cooking Work...

 1. Use Knee Tap/Foot Tap In Hand Washing Area & Cooking Area.

It is helpful during cooking time. It helps to avoid direct human contact also.

foot operated tap for hand wash sanitary equipment
knee operated tap for sanitary hand wash

2. Follow Proper Hand Washing Method.

Practice hand hygiene.Hand, equipment and utensils must be thoroughly cleaned in between task.

hand wash trick for food sanitary

3. Wash Vegetable Properly. 

Bacteria can get into the food handling areas through various modes. These are soil, human contact, waste, contaminated water, pest, raw food items such as raw meat, eggs and raw vegetables, etc. Some items & areas are high risk because they come into direct contact with food or hands.They need to be disinfected to kill bacteria,whereas low risk items and areas do not.

4. Cook Food Properly.

Heat kills bacteria,so if a cleaning method also uses very hot water (e.g. Dish-washing machine) the bacteria will all be killed.This is another method of disinfection.

5. Don't Use Same Cooking Utensils/ Equipment For Veg & Non-Veg Food.

Do not handle veg and non veg product together.Do not use same equipment (e.g. knifes, spoon, dishes, chopping board,preparation table etc)for veg and non veg.

6. Keep Different Food At Appropriate Temperature To Prevent Bacterial Spread In Food.

Keep cold food at 41 F or below. Keep hot food at 180 F or above.

7. There Has To Be Sanitation Process Right From Receiving The Materials To Storing And Finally The Food Production.

Store area should be ventilated and well lighted.All items are sorted and kept at their designated place. The flour is kept 15 cm above the ground.

kitchen sanitation

8. Sanitation Equipment :

Cleaning with soap and other detergents is just one step of the cleaning procedure. It is also necessary to sanitize. Nowadays,You can find so many safety measures sanitation equipment (automatic & manually operated) in market for full body sanitation.Its advisable to put at kitchen entrance.To avoid hand contact of everyone, Foot Operated Hand Sanitizer Stand is best.

foot operated sanitary equipment
automatic sanitation machine
Automatic Sanitation Chamber

9. Some Small Portable & Handy Sanitation Equipment Also Helpful For Daily Use.

sanitation hand spray for daily sanitary need
automatic spray for hand sanitation

10. Store In Respective Storage Areas, Ensuring That The Storage Areas Are Also Sanitized.

There has to be separate storage of raw vegetables and non vegetarian products. Vegetarian and non vegetarian food are packed in clean packs/containers and stored in the segregated area. Ensure all primary/secondary food packing and disposable service items are stored covered at all times.

11. The Receiving Area Needs To Be Sanitized Regularly.

12. Sanitation Of Kitchens At Regular Intervals.

13. Sanitation Of Ingredients Such As Vegetables, Meats And Other Items. Process Them With Approved Sanitizing Agents To Disinfect.

14. Hands Free Foot Operated Door Opener :

This Foot Operated (Peddle) Door Opener is soon to be considering one in daily life at every place. It will eliminate door handle which usually comes in contact by every next person at work place. It allows you to avoid door handle's germs,simply by using your foot.

foot operated door opener

How to clean kitchen & Precautions : (Covid Safety Measures & Sanitary)

Steps To Follow:

  1. Step One Of Cleaning

  • Remove all solid dirt and food particles
  • Rinse with warm water
  1. Cleaning

  • Clean with detergent and hot water- 60 degree centigrade
  • Rinse with water
  1. Sanitizing

  • Clean with hot water 75 degree Centigrade for at least 2 minutes.
  1. Air Dry

  • Allow equipment like table, counters and cooking ranges to air dry.

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