Commercial restaurant kitchen equipment heavy duty

Commercial Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Checklist |Heavy Duty Work

Commercial Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Checklist

Commercial Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Checklist | Heavy Duty Work

Guide For Beginners

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This is a post which covers the topic mentioned here: For all newbies in the business of food industry.,We are going to discuss about-

In this era of fast food lovers and restaurant food lovers, Restaurant/Cafe and Hotels businesses are evergreen Businesses that one can start. The kitchen is the heart of dis business. For instance, the biggest investment you have to do in you’re commercial kitchen. It should have quality kitchen equipment and as a result, you can get faster, clean, and last long performance. Additionally, it can cover up you’re an investment in the long-term.

Commercial Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Checklist

How To Take Decision Which Type Of Equipment Your Commercial Kitchen Required?

Likewise, you have already decided about you’re restaurant menu(Indian, Fast food, etc) which your’re restaurant going to serve. Now, its time to decide which equipment you actually need and which you can put on in an optional list? However, the budget is more important for startup Business though decreasing the budget could affect the kitchen’s performance. Some people think why you have to invest in new ones go for used ones. By the way, dis idea is not bad if you are ready to pay on repairing of that equipment later on.dis repairing could be burner changing, some electric wiring repairing for electrical items, gas pipe replacement, some of part need to change, etc.( Also read Kitchen equipment gas vs electrical here)  On another hand, New equipment comes with a warranty for some period (probably one year) depends on the brand/company policy. You can get services in that warranty period hassle-free.

Your commercial kitchen not only needs Heavy duty kitchen equipment. It also needs kitchen utensils, proper kitchen garbage cleaning system, ventilation system, proper kitchen area/space for working smoothly in the kitchen, storing section for cold and dry food items, Dish-washing area. Also, find below the essential restaurant kitchen equipment list to get a kick startup.

Different Kitchen Areas Of Commercial Kitchen

You have to know about different and essential area of commercial kitchen. Also have to know its management to run the business successfully.Here is some short information about every area of kitchen below.This will surely helps you to build checklist for buying kitchen equipment.

Areas of commercial kitchen:

  • Storage Area
  • Food preparation and processing area
  • Cooking area
  • Serving Area
  • Dish washing area/Hand wash area
  • refrigeration/ cooling area
  • Apart from this areas, there should be Exhaust System, Draining System for keeping kitchen neat and clean.


Whether kitchen area of your restaurant small or large, the essential equipment never goes change. Therefore choose its size and its operating type (like Gas or Electrical) which suits your kitchen requirement. Also check our Restaurant Equipment And Their Uses : Guide For Beginners.   


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Checklist Of Basic & Essential Commercial Kitchen Equipment Below.(For Heavy Duty Work)

Kitchen’s all area has its own importance and managing them with suitable kitchen equipment will be easy.

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Commercial restaurant kitchen equipment heavy duty

Kitchen Equipment Needed To Open New Restaurant Business


Three Burner Indian Cooking Range

Two Burner Chinese Cooking Range

Idli Steamer

SS Body Charcoal Tandoor

Deep Fat Fryer (Electrical/Gas)

Hot Plate (Dosa Plate)

Pickup Counter with Hot Round Vessel and  Heater

Food Preparation & Processing Area

Work Table 

Work Table with Sink

Masala Grinder


Refrigeration Area/Cooling Area

Vertical Freezer

Vertical refrigerator

Dish Wash Area 

Soiled Dish Table with Scrapping Hole

Clean Dish Landing Table

Clean Dish Rack

Three Sink Dish Wash Unit

Exhaust System

SS Exhaust Hood with Baffle Filter

Drainage System

SS Drainage Box


Restaurant pre-opening Checklist will definitely gave you startup line.Now its time to find a place from where you can buy good quality product in your budget .After setting up your kitchen, Whats next? Check this post – How to start a business: opening a restaurant.

You can also download PDF of Commercial Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Checklist here. (Heavy Duty Work)

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