Commercial Rotisserie Oven For Spit Roasting

What Is Rotisserie Oven?

Rotisserie is the one kind of traditional spit roasting. There are two types of roasting getting done – horizontally or vertically using sword-type accessories in the Oven. This type of oven is called a rotisserie oven. The sword-type elements help in roasting tangled meat on it properly.

Vertical Rotisserie Oven

Vertical Rotisserie ovens are used to cook shawarma, chickens, and other meat items. It is a verticle box-shaped oven. Due to its compact design, it prevents heat loss. It provides properly cooked meat. The fire behind rotating meat provides steady and sufficient heat to cook meat properly.

Commercial Rotisserie Oven

Horizontal Rotisserie Oven

In horizontal rotisserie, meat is cooked by continuously revolving over a heat source. The horizontal rotisserie can roast whole animals while keeping much of the internal juices within the meat. This way a big piece of meat can cook perfectly in this oven.

Is Rotisserie And Grill Same?

Grilling is a fast cooking method. Also, it brings nice brown charred color to the meat. On the other hand, roasting is a process of slow cooking. Thus, it is best suited method to cook the bigger pieces over a period of time.


Is A Rotisserie Oven Worth It?

Due to their small size, rotisserie ovens are also more energy-efficient than conventional ovens. This also lets them heat up faster, letting you prepare your meat and have it cooked in record time. So many restaurants and supermarkets are using rotisseries for roasting whole chickens. A rotisserie uses a spit. It’s a long skewer or a metal rod. It holds a large piece of meat.

How To Use Rotisserie Oven?

If you are planning to use the oven a lot, opt for a commercial-grade rotisserie oven, which can hold more than one chicken and is much more durable, but also pricier. You can find gas-operated and electric ovens also in the market. The user-friendly controllers provided on the rotisserie oven allows you to set temperature and time. Tangle the marinated meat on spit properly, lock meat (head and tail part) from both sides, and put it in the oven as arrangement provided. The oven’s light and large glass door create a cooking theater for maximum visual impact. Slowly rotated meat perfectly gets roasted in 20-30 minutes.


Of course, we all tend to purchase appliances that are long-lasting and easy to use. Though, think about how much you are going to use it for chicken and roasts before deciding on this type of oven. If you plan on using it a lot, invest in a durable model made of stainless steel 304 grade. It should have well-built rotisserie spits and tongs. That can support the weight of the meat. That too should be made from durable materials.

Rotisserie VS Grill

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