South Indian Restaurant Kitchen Equipment List [EXPLAINED]

If you going to open a new restaurant or want to re-style your existing kitchen with new equipment, you stopped by the right place! As we already discussed, the basic restaurant kitchen equipment list in our previous blog article. Here we will discuss specifically south Indian cuisines restaurant equipment. Find the basic heavy-duty south Indian restaurant equipment list (PDF) below. however, every restaurant may require additional kitchen equipment that not be on this list. Though this list covers all essential types of equipment mostly used in preparing South Indian food.

Also check kitchen essential list about utensils, cookware, tools & more.

south Indian restaurant kitchen equipment list pdf

Kitchen Area Wise Equipment For A South Indian Restaurant

Food Processors :

  1. Wet Masala Grinder: There are different types of grinders available in the market according to its functionality and ingredient going to be used. Wet masala grinder is best for the grinding wet ingredients.You can easily make chutney, gravy preparation, etc. The spiral mixer could be used for batter making and other use due to its multi-functionality.
  2. Coconut Scraper: It is a very useful commercial tool for coconut scraping.
  3. Dough kneader: Best for any type of dough making process.

Cooking Area :

1) Kitchen Stove: You can choose according to your kitchen space and everyday cooking work. Single burner stove can be used for gravy based cooking like chutney, other common stuffing items of south Indian dishes. Three burners are also helpful to let multiple cooking fast and smooth handy operation. Though, heavy-duty Two burner stoves mostly used in south Indian cuisine restaurants for the easy cooking process.

2) Hot Plate: It’s broad & flat surfaced with perfect uniform heating in the bottom gets you perfect paper dosa easily. This is necessary kitchen equipment for your south cuisine restaurant.

3) Steamer:  Commercial Steamer used for cooking bulk idly. fasten your work with idly steamer. Various Idly steamer has various idly making capacity. Choose according to your requirement.

4) Bulk Cooker: Commercial bulk cooker is useful for cooking rice in big quantity. It is also used for other vegetable cooking and can be use multi purposely.

4) Fryer: Commercial deep fat fryer used to fry Maidu vada etc. It prevents haphazard use of cooking oil in the kitchen.

5) Work Tables:  Stainless Steel work table in the cooking area is a must for vegetable cutting chopping and other cooking stuff’s handy management. One Worktable with sink also should be there to get easy access for vegetable washing, hand washing, etc. If you have enough space you can put it in an exclusive cutting- chopping area. Instead of manual vegetable cutting, people use the more commercial vegetable cutting-chopping machine. It reduces manpower also and gets you the same size chopped vegetable pieces.

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Service Area:

1) Bain-Marie: To keep & serve your hot food at room temperature or higher temperature, go with a hot bain-marie. Cold bain-marie preserves food at low temperatures for long time use.

2) Service Counter: You can call it pickup counter also. Basically it makes the food serving process easy. Therefore, you can put ready food on service rail to easily get picked afterward. It comes with sneeze guard also for food safety.

Storage Area:

1) Storage Shelf: Storage shelves are essential for an organized kitchen storage area. Different kinds of designed shelf rack can be placed in storage areas like clean dish racks for dishes, onion- potato bin storage rack, vegetable storage rack, pot rack, Flat or perforated shelves rack for good’s storage. Wall-mounted shelves or storage cabinets would be the best choice for small area kitchen.


1) Trolleys: Various trolleys out there to gets your good’s transportation work done from the storage area to the cooking area. Some trolleys like two tire trolley, masala trolley, vegetable trolley, etc are very useful in hotels, restaurants, and canteens.

Dish Wash Area:

1) Dish Washing Units: Dishwashing area should have one, two, or three sinks with dishwashing table for manual washing. dishwashing table unit with sink used to be with dish wash machine for easy operation. A soiled dish table is also a good option for the dishwashing area.


1) Exhaust Hood: To keep the kitchen environment clean and fresh, the exhaust hood is necessary. It keeps kitchen odors free and does collect oil and throws it out of the kitchen.

Drainage System:

1) Drainage Box: Drainage Boxes Fitted on the kitchen’s floor is a basic need for kitchen cleanliness. Depend on drain box design, it can prevent insects came through the drainage line. Download the south Indian restaurant’s kitchen equipment pdf list with its technical name. To get Price also, contact here.

Download South Indian Restaurant Equipment PDF

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