Stainless Steel Food Pulverizer Machine In India

What is a food pulverizer/kitchen pulverizer machine?

This is Commercial Machine called a food pulverizer/kitchen pulverizer. It is made from stainless steel and used for grinding purposes. It helps in bulk grinding. Thanks to its design and strength, it’ll provide you fine ground ingredients quickly. They are considered in the food processing equipment category. The pulverization process is done by these equipments are unmatched with other mixers/grinder machines.


Stainless Steel Food Pulverizer Machine In India

Types Of Pulverizer Machine

Double Cutting Pulverizers is a new type of pulverizers veriety, having two stages of grinding. Within the first stage, they grind the ingredients in fine size. Then it goes to the second stage of the grinding process. In the end, it delivers a smooth fine powder of ingredients. Single-cutting pulverizers are normally free of maintenance. They now not require massive man strength compaire to different grinding machines.

Structure & Features

Because of its structure, it’s called multi structural pulverized machine. It doesn’t heat up during the grinding process. Its attached heavy-duty motor works on different HP. Depending on motors, Machines capacity are going to be decided. This motor takes a load on a nonstop basis. Its close body protects food from insects, outside dirt, etc.

Uses Of Stainless Steel Pulverizer

This food processing equipment mostly utilized in industrial canteen & commercial kitchens for the bulk grinding process. It also does wet & Dry Grinding. It works as a flour mill to grind different masala ingredients. One can make puree, chutney & paste using this machine. We can use it for all fine grinding of Turmeric as we as Red Chilli / All Spices. one single machine of impact pulverizer can use all grinding.

Choose a commercial pulverizer considering on your requirement and equipment capacity.

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