Hotel Kitchen Equipment And Their Uses : Guide For Beginners

Basic heavy-duty commercial kitchen equipment list and their uses below — a complete guide for the beginner. To know how to start a new restaurant business, read the whole article till the end.surely this will helps you to clear your doubts!!

Having all basic and fundamental knowledge of the business will give a smooth startup to your newborn business. Food Industry has so much to learn and it is increasing day by day, and so the competition as well. To be in the race, new ideas one should apply which can attract more customers. The people who are new in this field and planning to start catering/restaurant business then you are in the right place!

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hotel kitchen equipment & their uses

All the kitchen types of equipment which been used in a commercial kitchen are made from a different type of metals like iron, steel, etc. Usually, all the restaurants prefer to use equipment made from stainless steel (In short Form called SS). There are two types of grade called 304 and 302 which shows the quality of stainless steel. For heavy work or commercial purpose work, 304 grade SS is mostly preferable for the quality and durability of kitchen equipment. Buying new equipment is a good choice instead to buy a used one. Go for a branded and well-known company to buy new kitchen equipment for your business. Click here to get a basic and essential kitchen equipment list. It will help you to create an essential checklist or buying list. This way you can easily get an idea about the budget.

Basic Kitchen equipment list with its uses: A complete Guide for beginner

Cooking Equipment:

Cooking equipment has the biggest part in your buying kitchen equipment list. This is a section of kitchen equipment which you can’t skip or put it as an optional! Depending on your restaurant kitchen menu, kind of cooking equipment you need like For traditional Indian menu (Gujarati/Punjabi/Kathyavadi, etc) — You will need

1) Commercial Burner – Indian Cooking Range

You can find four types of burner cooking range in the market: single burner, two burners, three burners and four burners. For restaurant, two burners and three burners are mostly preferable.

2) For Chinese Menu:

Chinese cooking range also available in three types- Single burner, two burners, three burners. It has a special design. It helps in stir-frying, steaming, pan frying, deep frying, poaching, boiling, braising, searing, stewing, making soup, smoking and roasting nuts.

3)For Punjabi Menu:

Tandoor is essential for making kulcha, tandoori roti, etc. You can find two types of tandoor in the market — charcoal tandoor and electric tandoor.

4)For The South Indian Menu:

Steamer and Dosa plate(griddle plate) are necessary to cook south Indian dishes like idli,dosa, uttapam etc.

5) For Fast Food Item Menu:

Oven and grilles are had to the thing! Pizza, burger, etc you can easily cook in oven and grilles.

6) Fryers:

It has one basket like design with a handle which helps to deep stuff in hot oil chamber to deep-fry the item. It called a deep fat fryer in technical language. Usually, it’s used to fry potatoes for making French fries, Aloo Tikki, etc.

7) kadai Fryer:

It has a single big burner on top to give sufficient heat to kadai and it is used for frying or cooking food items.

8) Bulk Cooker:

For cooking in bulk, the best option is to go for the bulk cooker to cook vegetables, dal, sambhar, etc.

9) Boilers:

This is used for boiling water and milk in bulk size.Also used for cooking rice and boiling potatoes etc.

Food Preparation Equipment:

The preparation of food takes a lot of time. Commercial kitchen demands fast work and to decrease this time they use preparation kitchen equipment for bulk food items. Basic food preparation equipment is-

1) Pulverizer:

We can call it Masala grinder machine used for commercial purpose (big amount of grinding stuff).

2) Dough Kneader(Aata Maker Machine):

Different type of dough (made from aata/maida) you can get from this kneading machine in less time. It is used to make maida dough to create pizza base and atta dough to make chapati/roti.

3) Potato Peeler Machine:

It used to peel off potato skin using water inside the machine.

Service Area Kitchen Equipment:

After Cooking Food it has to keep at the proper place to serve it at its best condition and fresh looking gesture. Service area kitchen equipment are-

1) Bain-Marie:

This is a long SS table having Five or six chambers with a cover on top to keep food at cold or hot temperatures. This called hot bain Marie and cold bain-marie. Hot bain marie helps to keep food warmer without  heating food. Cold bain marie keeps food cold or on normal temperature. It is mostly use for the bakery product and the milk product’s storage purpose on cold temperature.You can easily found cold bain marie in most pizza restaurant for start up menu item(ex: salads) for Self service.

2) Pickup Counter Tables:

This is a SS table with a different number of shelves to keep on food for service.It got service rails also. Which prevents slipperiness of serving dishes.Pickup counter is good for choosing counter service or table service in your restaurant/hotel or canteen.So your customer can easily take their food from counter tables when its ready to go.

3) Thali Counter:

This is a box shaped counter where you can keep thalis. It can be wall mounted or free. you can put other kitchen utensils also in it. It helps to organize kitchen utensils.This way you can find particular things on same place.

4) Hot Plate Dispenser:

It is commercially used mostly in hotels and some restaurants. After washing thali, it had to put in heated plate dispenser machine in order to get dry and clean dishes.You can get dry and clean dishes in bulk amount easily using this product.

Storage Unit Kitchen Equipment:

Storing food items in dry sections and cold sections are necessary to get fresh and usable cooking ingredients and vegetables at cooking time.

1) Storage Rack:

Racks are very useful to keep items section wise. It comes in different designs like a plane rack, perforated rack, pot rack, dunnage rack, with or without wheel (mobile rack), with a different number of shelves. Wall mounted Multipurpose steel rack for kitchen utensils can save good space of your commercial kitchen.

2) Storage Bin:

Storage bin/basket/containers is great solution for storage.It has a box type bin design for storing food items in it. It is available in the market with or without a wheel.You can also use stackable storage bin for your commercial kitchen.

3) Kitchen Cabinet:

It is Made from SS and used to store kitchen stuff like food,cooking equipment,utensils in it. It comes with two doors and a single door as well.Designer cabinets bring attractive look to your kitchen.

4) Wall Cupboard :

To increase the space of your commercial kitchen,you can use wall mounted cupboard. It has mounted on the kitchen’s wall so, you can put stuff on it. It can come with a door or without a door.

5) Wall Mounted Shelf:

The shelf is mounted with the kitchen’s wall. This also helps to increase kitchen workspace. You can put small or big things on the shelf depends on its size and design.

Dish Wash Area Kitchen Equipment:

The dish wash area is important to clean utensils, vegetables, hand wash, etc. You can find dish washing machines also in the market made from SS for heavy-duty work in big hotels, restaurants and industrial canteen. For a small restaurant, Dish wash area tables are enough which is comes in different design, shape and with or without sink as per your requirement.


Trolley helps to bring food from one place to another. There are different kinds of trolleys available depend on different kinds of food like food service trolley, masala trolley, vegetable rack trolley, kitchen utility trolley, etc. Apart from this, there is also platform trolley, luggage trolley, tea Nasta trolley available in the market for hotels and restaurants.

Exhaust System:

For ventilation purpose in a commercial kitchen, exhaust system setup is necessary. An exhaust hood mounted on the wall and made from SS helps to keep the restaurant atmosphere fresh.It keeps your kitchen environment conducive from grease, odor, smoke, steam and heat.

Drainage System:

Commercial kitchen drainage system is meant to deliver extremely reliableness, longevity, and durable performance while preventing hygienic problems that may place your facility in danger.Drainage box is going to fit on the kitchen floor.This way the water/other liquids and garbage things could pass through drain box to pipe, and then out off the kitchen area.


Cantilever is basically three — four kitchen equipment combinations made from SS. It has two designs- Iceland type and wall mounted cantilever. If you have a small kitchen area then cantilever is a good choice for you. Get Personalized Restaurant Kitchen Equipment list With Price for Cafe kitchen, Chinese restaurant, Indian restaurant, South Indian restaurant, click here.


In this article we covered up almost all essential kitchen equipment for new kitchen setup with their uses detail.It is true that spending the amount on this equipment can cost you tons, however, in the long-term, every penny that you spent on this will be worthwhile.Also check this article on bulk Cooking equipment- Choose wisely between quality & budget here. It is a stated proven fact that every one (the customers) expect from the restaurants is a quick turn around of their orders. This could only happen if your restaurant kitchen equipment is well placed and in an excellent operating condition so you’ll deliver quality food within the expected period of time.

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