How To Start Cloud Kitchen Business In India

After lockdown, if you are finding the best profitable small business which needs less investment and easy to set up, then you are in right place. As we talk about profitable business then what comes first in mind is the fast-food (cloud kitchen ) business. Yes, In lockdown and after lockdown this business has seen very ups & Down but anyhow this business always sustains. Additionally, so many people facing food problems working far from home. They cant find a restaurant near their place where they can seat and eat. Also, big restaurants facing a lack of staff problems or they can’t afford to keep it running due to people not coming more. So now the only business that has more opportunities to grow and is the cloud kitchen business. This business doesn’t need more staff.2-3 people can easily manage a cloud kitchen.

What Is Cloud Kitchen?

The Cloud kitchen is the fastest-growing business model in India. These are the commercial kitchens that are set up only for food delivery. Some other terms are used for it are the virtual kitchen, shadow kitchen, Ghost kitchen, dark kitchen, etc. The concept of the cloud kitchen gives the flexibility of low investment and low risk than the traditional restaurant business concept. This business involves low risk and high benefit.

How To Start Cloud Kitchen Business In India

6 Steps To Start Cloud Kitchen Business In India.

Basic Setup

You can easily open a cloud kitchen in a small space as it doesn’t need a customer seating space. Thus you can step up at your convenience. It doesn’t need front face space at a prime location. You can easily set up in 250-300 sq ft room. Also, its greatly reduces the expenses of business startup.

Certification & Registration

Your customers cant visit your working space personally to check your food standards and food safety, So here you are getting licenses that convince your customers that you prepare high-quality food. What certification & registration you needed?

  • Fssai – This certification is mandatory for opening a food business in India. This license period can range from 1 year to 5 years.
  • Gst Registration for any type of business in India to timely file taxes.
  • Trade license– every business must have a trade license. It’s mandatory.
  • Fire & safety Licence – It’s also mandatory to save your business from future troubles.
  • Trademark registration – you can trademark the name of your business. It helps to protect your brand. It will create your unique identity in the market. Trademark your business logo, color taxonomy, some patten, etc.

Kitchen Equipment

Commercial Kitchen Equipment for bulk cooking. You need to get kitchen layout design and as per your kitchen’s meal menu, your required kitchen equipment list prepared. Download the Cloud Kitchen Equipment Checklist here. Buy kitchen equipment keeping in mind about its quality, performance, energy-saving, and compatible price. Visit :

Branding & Packaging

The packaging is the best way to promote your brand. Also, the best packaging saves you from food leakages and it promotes safe food delivery. Packaging varies depending on the food going to be delivered.

Join Food Delivery Platforms

Register on Online Food Delivery Platforms. Nowadays online food delivery business has grown so much. You can easily get orders through online food ordering platforms like zomato, swiggy, uber eats, etc. Their professional representative will take care of food delivery from your place to the customer’s place. You can set up your own food delivery system also. But at the initial stage of business, third party delivery platforms will suit your needs.

Website & App

Online business presence is necessary nowadays. People find you easily on their smart devices if you have your own business website or you having an active business account on digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, youtube, etc. One more step ahead, you can have your own business app, where customers can directly place an order without any third-party food delivery interference. You can also give discounts on different occasions to your new or repeated customers.

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