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 Janitorial Cleaning Supplies SS Equipment India

Garbage Cans :

Garbage cans are very useful equipment for janitorial use. Thus they are found in all industries for trash cleaning purposes. Stainless steel garbage cans/bins are recyclable too. They are available in different shapes and designs in the market.

Garbage Can Waste Bin
Stainless Steel Dustbin

Handwashing Station Equipment :

This section contains sink tables and different types of faucets. they come with splashback also which prevent water splash on the wall. Knee-operated faucets are more recommendable considering hygiene instead of using hand-operated faucets.

Two Sink Pot Wash Unit
Two Sink Pot Wash Unit

Janitor Housekeeping Trolley:

They are essential and useful once in hotels and hospitals.  Due to its design, it serves its purpose nicely. Alonge with cloth bins the collection of used stuff, trash thing becomes easy. You can organize things section-wise in the top section of the trolley. Also, you can keep things on lower shelves. Stainless steel trolleys are durable and the best fit for everyday use.

Janitor Housekeeping Trolley
Janitor Housekeeping Trolley

Cleaning Towels/Clothing Racks:

Stainless Steel Racks are used for multipurpose. The janitorial section has these racks to organize cleaning clothes, towels, etc.

stainless steel Pot Rack
Pot Rack

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand:

Sanitizer Dispenser Stand

For maintaining hygiene and cleanliness, the hand sanitization process is important. To prevent everyone's touch while using sanitizer, this Sanitizer dispenser stand resolves that problem. It is foot-operated and easily portable. Its whole body made from stainless steel. Instead of using plastic ones, use this ss dispenser stand which provides durability.

Dryer & Washer Machines (heavy-duty):

Dryer & washer machines combos are convenient for heavy-duty laundry work. They can wash & dry without your intervention.

Electrolux Dryer & Washer
Electrolux Dryer & Washer


hose reel
hose reel



Fixed types of hose reels are used by janitorial staff to clean floors/carpets. Plastic & stainless steel body variants are available in the market. Stainless steel hose reels mostly used in industries.

Pre Rinse Shower Unit:

Pre rise shower unit is mostly used by the commercial kitchens. It helps to direct water on specific things and on spot in the kitchen which is very useful.


Advantage Of  SS Janitorial / Cleaning Supplies

Environmental friendly kitchen equipment product

Undisposable and anti-environmental products affecting our nature. We are using so many products in our daily and casual routine. It takes a lot of time in the disposing process of that items. To reduce the use of plastic-made products or harmful metals products, we should adopt long-lasting and environmentally friendly products. For this cause, Sharda Steel Equipments encourage all to use stainless steel-made products. It provides durability, strength, and recyclable advantage to products.

So, Instead of using plastic garbage bins, racks, hose reels, etc, one should give a chance to better options for the betterment of the environment.

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