Get rid of your kitchen nightmares

The Maestroo commercial tilting bulk cooker is the perfect solution for anyone who’s tired of cooking in batches and wasting time. With a commercial bulk cooker, you can cook large quantities of food in a short amount of time, without sacrificing quality or taste.

commercial bulk cooking range maestroo


Cook up with 33% energy efficiency

Cook large quantities of food quickly and efficiently with this commercial tilting bulk cooker from Maestroo. Made from durable and sustainable stainless steel, you can boil up 100 ltr of water in just 45 minutes only! Compare this to cooking on a conventional stovetop which would take 70-75 minutes, and you’ll see the difference. This commercial bulk cooker is CE-certified and RoHS compliant, so you know that it’s safe for the environment too.

Robust Design Of maestroo boiling pan


Safe and reliable cooking.

Forget about cooking for a big event, or getting your employees fed during a lunch rush. Commercial tilting bulk cookers are the best solution for busy restaurants and kitchens, that need to cook large quantities of food quickly and efficiently. With a commercial bulk cooker, you can produce high-quality meals without sacrificing taste or quality.

Double jackated 33% Energy efficient maestroo range


Flame failure detection system to keep your food safe.

This commercial tilting bulk cooker has a flame failure detection system that will shut off the gas if the flame goes out. With this safety feature, you can be assured that your food is always going to be cooked safely and in a timely manner.

Digital Display Of Maestroo bulk cooking range


Comfortable and precise operation with the variable speed motor tilting.

The Maestroo commercial bulk cooker is a motorized tilting pan that can be tilted at a variable speed over 90 degrees to facilitate pouring and cleaning operations. The Maestroo commercial bulk cooker is an offset tilting axle for convenient pouring height and also keeps the pouring path short.

eccentric tilting
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