Marine Galley Equipment List

Commercial airplane and boat kitchen equipment manufacturers are concentrating more on introducing lightweight galley kitchen equipment. That will altogether reduce weight on board. Marine galley kitchen equipment manufacturers are altering the structure, development, and innovation to suit the end-client request. For example, Bucher Group gives an aluminum cook room outline structure, which decreases the general load of the kitchen. The company utilizes an anodized aluminum outline with powder-covered boards. So that gives the kitchen more prominent soundness and longer life expectancy.

Bucher's kitchen framework outline is professed to shield the structure from consumption for at any rate 15 years. a part of the main business airplane makers, for example, Airbus and Boeing. That lean toward the lightweight cookroom frameworks gave by Bucher Group in their new airplane. The developing interest in lightweight cookroom gear will increase market development. Yet, Some prefer stainless steel made galley equipment which comes with durability and quality. Also, its Scroch brush-finished design (Shiney or matte) gives a classy look too.

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Marine and aircraft's galley kitchen equipment is the same. All commercial kitchen equipment used in the food industry except for some little changes. Find the kitchen area section-wise galley equipment list below.

Kitchen Section Wise Marine Galley Equipment List

Cooking Area

  • Cooking range.
  • Deep Fat Fryer.
  • Combi steamers.
  • Garbage Disposable Unit.
  • Water Boilers.
  • Rice Boiler.
  • Tilting Bratt Pan.

Service Area

  • Plating Service Counter.
  • Bain Marie (Hot/Cold)

Dish Wash Area

  • Dish Wash Table
  • Dish Washing Sink
  • Dish Washer Machine

Storage Area

  • Storage Bin
  • Trolley

Cooling Area

  • Refrigerator / Freezer
  • VC Cooler

Food Preparation Area

  • Dough Kneader
  • Mixer
  • Masala Grinder
  • Pulverizer

Laundry Machines 

  • Washers
  • Dryers

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