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Our Best Seller Product Of 2018- cantilever


We are very glad to announce our one of the best kitchen equipment product – Cantilever as a best seller Product in cooking range.Behind it’s success full selling strategy there is some most catchy point,which makes it more unique,easy to operate,more in one-product and at the end best seller product for industrious and hotel’s kitchen.This product makes your kitchen smarter and modern.This product manufactured by only us in india.

The Best-seller Product of 2018 – Cantilever Installation

Designed and manufactured with extreme precision, cantilever installation by Sharda Steel Equipment has always been the popular product of the company for its excellent usage and properties.

One of the best engineered products of our company, cantilever system is ideal for those who require an uncontaminated and a tastefully remodeled kitchen space. The cantilever system is generally fixed to the wall or floor with the strong system frame construction for a stable and secured connection. Cantilever cooking system is one of the best seller products for our company due to its easy usability, cleaning purpose, hygienic options and smart ergonomics.

How Does the Cantilever Cooking System Function?

As interesting as it sounds, the cantilever system comes along with a sturdy support frame on columns, which are also known as “floor anchorages”. The support frame can also be procured with no columns but feet only, where there is no anchorage to the floor required. With the help of “drop-in” method, the units are placed.

The installation process of cantilever systems is enhanced by the modular system, and as a result, several designs of installation procedures are ensured by the modular system. The installation can be done either in a “one line of equipment” format, where the cantilever system is placed against the wall, or in “two lines of equipment” format, where the system is positioned back to back for a more centric arrangement.

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