Double Chamber Deep Fat Fryer (Gas)

Deep Fat Frayer for making French fry, frying bhajiya and samosa


  • Body Construction made of AISI 304.
  • Top with Double Frying Chamber made of AISI 304 16-gauge.
  • For Heating Used V-shape burners with the separate pilot and Control Valve.
  • Working Temperature (From 50° to 300°) Control Through a thermostat.
  • AISI 304 Wire form frying basket with hanger.
  • The front is made of AISI 304 16-gauge.
  • Front Side provides a thermostatic temperature controller.
  • Side Covering and U/S are made from 18-Gauge AISI 304.
  • 4 Nos. Legs are 16 Gauge AISI 304 SQ. Pipe.
  • The entire Exterior Surface is designed in a satin scotch bright finish.
  • Adjustable Nylon bullet feet to accommodate uneven flooring.
  • Hygienic convenient and easy to clean.
  • Also available in Taylor made designs and sizes.

Technical Info


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