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Double Deck Idli Steamer with Boiler Plant

Double Deck Steamer with Boiler Plant


  • Steamer Applicable for Making of Idli, rice, dhokla and Khaman.
  • Upper Body having Insulated Two Steaming Chamber with Insulated Lockable Doors for Better Efficiency and save energy.
  • Gas operated Boiler Provide for faster Generation of Steam Heat.
  • Safety valve set at 0.5 bar, for the discharging ofsteam when the pressure in the jacket exceeds
    this limit.
  • Hemmed Edges provide strength and safety.
  • Entire Exterior Surface is design in satin scotch brite finish.
  • Adjustable Nylon bullet feet to accommodate uneven flooring.Hygienic convenient and easy to clean.


  • Unit Body Construction made from AISI 304. (16swg. & 18swg)
  • Upper Part Two Chamber made from AISI 304 with Insulation.
  • Two door also made from AISI-304.
  • Boiler Construction made in AISI-304 14swg design to operate at 0.5 Pressure.
  • 4 Nos. uprights are AISI 304 SQ. Pipe.

Technical Info