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Tilting Boiling Pan (Electrical)

Tilting Boiling Pan (Electrical)


  • Kettle is suitable to boil, steam, poach, braise or simmer all kinds of produce.
  • Heat Insulated: limited heat radiation and lowenergy consumption.
  • Isolated upper well rim avoids risk of harm for the user.
  • Bottom of Cooking Vessel provided with Electrical Heating system.
  • Digital Temperature controller and ON / OFF Switch Provided at Front Panel.
  • Manually Tilting Mechanism to Pan can be Tilt up 90˚ to facilitate Pan emptying.
  • Ergonomic vessel dimensions, with a large diameter and shallow depth facilitate stirring and gentle food handling.
  • Swivel Faucet provide for easily cleaning of vessel.
  • Spring Loaded Lid assembly for easy and less effort opening and closing movement. Lid is double lined insulated in stainless steel.
  • Unit Having Nylon bullet feet to accommodate uneven flooring.


  • Heavy duty under frame construction made from AISI 304 Angle Framework.
  • Top and Front Side are made from AISI 304 16-gauge. And Sides Covering is made from AISI 304 1mm Thk.
  • Cooking Vessel featuring pouring lip Assembly made of Double Jacked in AISI 304 10-gauge Inside body and 16-guage Outer body.
  • Double lined Insulated Lid assembly with handle made of AISI 304 16-gauge
  • All Pan Internal Surface Round and polished for Better hygiene.
  • All exterior panels in Stainless Steel with Scotch Brite finishing.
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