Dish Washer Outlet | Clean Dish Landing Table | Basket Storage | Perforated Shelf

Dish Washer Outlet - Clean Dish Landing Table - Crate Storage - Perforated Shelf
Dishwasher Outlet – Clean Dish Landing Table –Basket Storage – Perforated Shelf - Left to Right

Features & Construction

  • Heavy duty, 16 gauge, Type AISI 304 Stainless Steel 25mm Deep Top provides long life.
  • Top secured to TIG Welded with AISI 304 Angle Framework.
  • The Table is intended to be directly connected with the dishwasher machine in the unloading side.
  • Below the top either left or right side providing Dish washer machine Basket storage using AISI 304 16-gauge Angle.
  • Designed for 500x500 mm Dishwashing basket.
  • Perforated Lower Shelf made from 18-gauge AISI 304.
  • All Seams Welded, Ground Smooth and Entire top surface is machine polished to a Matte finish.
  • Hemmed edges and smooth surface provide strength and safety.
  • Legs and cross Support are made from AISI 304 SQ. Pipe.
  • Adjustable Nylon bullet feet to accommodate uneven flooring.
  • Also Available in Taylor made design and sizes.
  • All Models Are Also Available with Back Side Splash Back.

Technical Info


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