Maestroo Tilting Boiling Pan Gas

Maestroo Boiling Pan Gas


  • In Advance Technology Indirect Heating system with steam at a working pressure of 1.5 Bar. The Heating up time is automatically reduced, up to 35% in comparison with other boiling pans at 0.5 Bar.
  • The kettle is suitable to boil, steam, poach, braise or simmer all kinds of produce.
  • Max pressure of inner jacket at 1,5 bar minimum working pressure at 0.1 bar. Allows temperature control between 50°C and 110°C.
  • Uniform Heat Distribution through all food to the same degree temperature with excellent food a result even at low temperature or with reduces Quantity of food.
  • Short Heating up Time and short cooking time.
  • The time needed to heat up water at full capacity from 20°C to 90°C 50min.
  • Special Design Burner with electronic ignition and monitoring system guarantees safe and long-life operation.
  • Motorized pan tilting can be tilted over 90° to facilitate pouring and cleaning operation.
  • Built-in temperature sensor to precisely control the cooking process.
  • IPX5 Water-resistant.


Construction & Controls

  • Heavy-duty underframe construction made from AISI 304 (3mm. Thickness)
  • Cooking Vessel featuring pouring lip Assembly made of Double Jacked in AISI 316 14 swg designed to operate at a pressure of 1.5 bars.
  • The high-quality thermal insulation of the pan saves energy and keeps operating ambient temperature low for the comfort of the chefs.
  • The safety valve avoids overpressure of the steam in the jacket.
  • Safety thermostat protects against low water level.
  • Water Mixing Unit provided on top for filling and pan cleaning operation easy (Optional).
  • Electronic microprocessor control with digital display consents pre-selection of cooking temperature (From 50° to 110° C), time and start time ensures adherence to the pre-programmed cooking process.
  • The Food Sensor placed at the bottom of the vessel provides efficient temperature control (no overcooking): furnishes exact values even small quantities of food.
  • No overshooting of cooking temperature & fast reaction.
  • Error display for quick trouble-shooting.
  • A HOLD Setting to maintain boiled food at the required temperature in order to avoid overheating.


Technical Info Inquiry
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Model FBOT-G 60 FBOT-G 100 FBOT-G 150 FBOT-G 200
External Dimension-mm        
Length 1100 1200 1300 1400
Width 900 900 900 1000
Height 850 850 850 850
Configuration Round, Tilting, Gas Operated Round, Tilting, Gas Operated Round, Tilting, Gas Operated Round, Tilting, Gas Operated
Net Vessel Useful capacity - (Liter) 60 100 150 200
Working Temperature-min/max - °C 50/100 50/100 50/100 50/100
Tilting Mechanism Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
Heating type Indirect Indirect Indirect Indirect
Supply Voltage 230V, 1N 50/60 230V, 1N 50/60 230V, 1N 50/60 230V, 1N 50/60
Gas Power - kw 16 22 27 34
Water Supply (Pressure min/max-bar 2 , 6 2 , 6 2 , 6 2,6