Hot Bain Marie_________________________________________________

4+1 Bain Marie

4+2 Bain Marie

Bain Marie 5+1

5+2 Bain Marie



Cold Bain Marie_________________________________________________


Cold Bain Marie / 2 GN Pan Vessels

Cold Bain Marie / 2 GN Pan Vessels / under shelf

Cold Bain Marie / 2 GN Pan Vessels / Cabinet

Cold Bain Marie/4 GN Pan Vessel





Bain Marie

Service Rail

Sneeze Guard



Pick up Counter_________________________________________________


Pick up Table with 2u-s and 2 o-s With IR Heater

Pick up Counter 2u-s and 2 o-s IR Heater

Pick Up Counter /Hot Case

Pickup Counter/hot case/ 2o/s with IR Heater

Pick up Counter 4 Round Vessel Bain Marie u-s and 2 o-s

Pick up Counter + hot case + Bain Marie



Hot Plate Dispenser____________________________________________

Hot Plate Dispenser

Hot Plate Dispenser 120 plates

Thali Counter____________________________________________________

Thali Counter with u-s

Thali Counter with 2u-s

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