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Pick up Counter With Hot Case

Pick Up Counter with Hot Case

Features and Construction

  • Heavy duty, 16-gauge type AISI 304 Top Provide Long life.
  • Top secured to TIG welded AISI 304 AngleFramework.
  • Top is sound Deadened.
  • Below the Top provide hot case with insulation and Three Side covering made from 18 gauges AISI 304 also front side providing sliding doors made from 16 gauges AISI 304.
  • For Heating Purpose use 3 KW Electrical Heater with provide control panel.
  • Front Side provide control panel with Thermostatic Temperature controller and ON/ OFF Switch.
  • 4 Nos. Legs are made of 16 Gauge AISI 304 SQ.Pipe.
  • Adjustable Nylon bullet feet to accommodate uneven flooring.
  • Hygienic convenient and easy to clean.
  • Also available in Taylor made designs and sizes.
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