Project Management

commercial kitchen Design-Project-Management,& kitchen project plan

Our project team has the sagacity and proficiency to manage all aspects of our customer's foodservice project. we have a tendency to take on hand the complete scope of the project and make sure the project's timely completed per the client's high standards.

Our team has the potential to execute any & every subsequent tasks kitchen project plan :

  1. Kick-off Meeting
  2. Site survey and verification
  3. Preparing kitchen drawings for approval
  4. Coordination works with contractors, the engineer, and the consumer
  5. Imported equipment procurable
  6. Management of project time-line
  7. Project conferences
  8. Coordination of efforts with all trades
  9. Delivery to site
  10. Installation
  11. Removal and disposal of previous equipment
  12. Training for operators on the usage of equipment
  13. Managements of manufacturers' warranty programs w/ routine service (AMC)

We are providing our clients the complete engineering design development drawings with typical details and guidance for project affectation. Our distinctive project management skills help us to focus and develop the foremost realist approach during working with different team members and client user teams. The strength of our coordination works definitely assure the quality and timeline at the best value in all our work -projects.

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