Super Fast Pizza Deck Oven In India – Pizza Ready In 2 Min!!

Hey Pizza Lovers!!

We all love to eat pizzas. You can easily have your favorite pizza from your near favorite pizza outlet. But if you love cooking on your own then you must find a way to get it done quickly to fulfill your cravings! Definitely, no one likes to wait for more at restaurants for pizzas nowadays. As I'm also a pizza lover and foody, I noticed an excellent and well-known pizza serving outlets having excellent food serving service. I mean fast services. So their customers don't need to wait for it and they feel a good eating experience. Most big restaurants have big and heavy-duty pizza ovens specially designed for that. But here we are talking about small food startups such as small fast-food restaurants, stalls, etc. They need fast service also with budget-friendly cooking equipment.

Today we are going to introduce you to a product that could ease your cooking mess, time-saving, and had a classy design also.

Super Fast Pizza Deck Oven In India

Now no hustle about oven setting for pizza. Made homemade delicious pizza just like oven story pizza. Anyone can easily bake pizza in it without knowing how to bake pizza in oven. 300 degrees max pizza temperature in the oven. This electric tandoor oven has an auto cut off smart system. Make your pizza baking oven story complete with us. Check this video of Live Product Review Of Pizza Deck Oven In India. Using This Indian Pizza Maker, Cook Pizza In 2 Minutes. It is also useful for backing other items like tandoor, chapati, sandwich, Garlic bread, etc. It called a Tandoor Oven Or Electric Tandoor also. A good option in the baking ovens.

Super Fast Pizza Deck Oven - Electric Tandoor

Electric Tandoor Pizza Oven

Pizza Deck Oven's Some Unique Features Such As:

  • Highly Energy Efficient
  • Study Body
  • Highly Dense Insulated
  • Easy To Use
  • Pre Heating Time - 10 to 12 min for 300 c (At Ambient Temp)
  • Pizza Baking Time Less
  • Electric Load 3 KW (Single Phase)
  • The thermostatic temperature control system
  • Internal & Outer Body Made From 16 SWG
  • Made In India


Pizza Backing Time usually takes a maximum of 2 to 3 minutes & for Fresh Dough it takes a maximum of 4 minutes. Its automatic cut off system saves energy and lets you get rid of setting temperatures. You can Back 14-inch pizza 1 nos at a time and 6-inch pizza 4 nos at a time. Also, the Customized size of the pizza deck oven could be made as per requirement. We have two models of electric tandoor ovens called ECO Pizza Deck Oven & Premium Pizza Deck Oven. Click Here to buy online.

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