What Is QSR? How To Start QSR Restaurant In India

QSR – Quick Service Restaurant Explained

In recent times, the QSR industry has moved increasingly online, in 2019 the global revenue of the online food delivery market reached 107.4 billion U.S. dollars. Furthermore, the market size of the Indian quick service delivery sector was predicted to reach as much as 33.2 billion dollars by 2024.

Topics we are going to cover are:

  • What Is QSR? How QSR Is Different Than Other Restaurants?
  • How To Start QRS Business In India?
  • QSR Equipment For Kitchen

What Is QSR ?

The full form of QSR is Quick Service Restaurant. This fast-food business module represents a fast service policy. So the customer can get faster food delivery at a time when he/she paying for a meal. This promotes customer satisfaction while they are in hurry. Also, we can call it take-away or drive-thru restaurants.

There are many popular outlets that are using this concept are KFC, Dominos, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, etc. It considers food trucks, small outlets that are also promoting self-service & fast food delivery.

What is the difference between a typical restaurant & QSR?

Typical Restaurant VS QSR
Typical Restaurant VS QSR

Typical Restaurant Vs QSR

The Typical Restaurants are the ones which provide full services like taking orders by coming to your sitting place to provide a meal at your table. Due to their vast cuisine menu, they focus on individual preparation through individual dish cooking. It causes high cost per meal and results in low revenue.

QSR (quick-service restaurant), they have a self-service policy. They having a narrow & targeted food menu. Thus, They focus on bulk food production through bulk cooking. It causes low cost per meal and results in high revenue.


What is the difference between QSR and fast-casual?

Quick service restaurants are representing the fastest dining experience, with drive-thru ordering, dining in, & some are even offering delivery services. Thus, fast-casual is slower than a true QSR. But they are faster than a traditional restaurant.

Which is better quick service or quality service?

Customers love both. Though customers are impatient, quality service can be most important than faster service. Also, When customers think of your restaurant’s staff as being friendly & courteous, they feel a personal connection to your business.

How To Start QSR Business In India?

If you want to start QSR or QSR chain then here are some pro tips for you.

Preferred locations:  To start to be a successful business, you have to choose a proper and profitable location that has your business target audience. It should be one of the below types of location.

  • High traffic area
  • Near workplace
  • shopping complex
  • Commercial Complex
  • Near Transportation Area Like Railway Station, Bus Station, Airport, Etc.
  • Near School, colleges, coaching classes, etc.


To succeed in your food business plan below are the requirements you have to keep in mind.

  • Relevant product offering
  • Matching target clientele to price point
  • Ability to sell your outlets rapidly
  • Choose a relevant business location
  • Cater reasonable pricing

Cost management is the most important part of the food business. You have to keep an eye on all costs to generate revenue. Here is the list of the cost you have to look over. Need help to Calculate Your Startup Costs? click here.

  • Raw Material Cost
  • Rental Cost
  • Labour Cost
  • Marketing Cost
  • Food Preparation Cost
  • Electricity / Gas Cost

Commercial Kitchen Equipment For QSR

As always, stated the kitchen is the main key for any food business. Firstly, You have to narrow down the cuisine menu list. According to that, the commercial kitchen equipment list will be decided. Mostly all QSR serving fast food only because the preparation & cooking become easy. Let’s elaborate on this. The menu item could be a burger, french fries, Frankie rolls, coke, ice cream, or any other fast food item which is appealing to people and can easily to make in bulk. There are so many food preparation equipments are available in the market in small to big sizes. You can use them according to your commercial space. Usually, commercial kitchens are using stainless steel equipment because they are durable and serves the purpose. Have a look at Quick Service Restaurant Equipment List below.

  • Pizza Backing Oven (Electrical)
  • commercial Toaster
  • Hot Plate (Smooth surface)
  • Griddle Plate
  • Deep Fat Fryer
  • Food Preparation Work Table
  • Single (Double/Four ) Burner Indian Cooking Range (according to your req)
  • Food Warmers (Strip heater/Warming Drawers/Etc)
  • Hot/Cold Display Counter
  • Hot/Cold Bain-marie
  • Refrigerator/Freezer
  • Work Table With Sink
  • Exhaust Hood
  • Drain Box

Likewise, you can add or remove equipment as per your requirement and kitchen size. Download this QSR Equipment List PDF here. You can contact Sharda Steel Equipments for equipment prices regarding quality stainless steel kitchen equipment products.

Other QSR Setup

Apart from, all the basic setup some other things you should take care of are certifications & registration, Branding & Packaging, Website & app for your business.

What certification & registration you needed?

  • Fssai – This certification is mandatory for opening a food business in India. This license period can range from 1 year to 5 years.
  • Gst Registration for any type of business in India to timely file taxes.
  • Trade license– every business must have a trade license. It’s mandatory.
  • Fire & safety Licence – It’s also mandatory to save your business from future troubles.
  • Trademark registration – you can trademark the name of your business. It helps to protect your brand. It will create your unique identity in the market. Trademark your business logo, color taxonomy, some patten, etc.

Digital presence is necessary for any business nowadays. So go for an attractive, informative & easy to access website or app for your business. Branded packaging also increases your product value. calculate your marketing budget according to that. Now your food business is ready to launch!

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To Sum up, all the information and tips are above given to you to be followed to start the QSR chain/ QSR business in India. From basic setup to business registration and getting certificates all are essential ones. Moreover, this business plan has surely the potential to grow in the future. Best of luck with your venture. 🙂

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